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I can take her with me some days, yes. She's pretty good on trails (I live in Montana so there are LOTS of hiking opportunities), though she's timid and scared of strangers so when we encounter someone on the trail it can be a little tense.

But a lot of my job involves me flying in planes (can't take her), going to meetings (can't take her, or she waits in the vehicle), or doing office work. My office does allow me to bring my dog sometimes but she gets REALLY anxious there because of all the strangers. I might bring the spare crate there so I can bring her and she can feel safe in there. Plus she's just really distracting and I don't get as much work done.

Thanks for the replies; I sure hope I'm giving her a good life, but yeah, being single and having a 40+ hour/week job and then being pretty mentally and physically drained on my time off, I just worry she's going to get too bored and/or not have a great quality of life.
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