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I can speak out of personal experience that showering your dog with too much and unnecessary affection will result in a spoiled dog that doesn't see you as someone to respect or higher up in the pack, if you believe in the pack theory. Too much affection can develop an aversion to affection eventually. Make the dog WORK for your affection. I think the dog may see everyone as lesser, and therefore is very aggressive when he isn't in the mood (he's giving you a harsh correction telling you what he wants of you). He isn't going to think twice, because you're practically a puppy being annoying.

It's the blunt truth. You have to be a leader. Imagine if you raised a human child with affection alone?

Now I can't apply this to your case with complete conviction, but I say you should start giving this dog the silent treatment. Stop the kissing goodnight and the like. I believe eventually the dog will come to you and crave your attention. Perfect time to practice some obedience here and give the dog some pats after it complies.

Why do I say this? Well, a while ago I had a puppy that also had a similar attitude problem (albeit the bites weren't as 'intent to harm' but were still out of aggression ) and basically was very bossy; until I noticed she was very compliant and submissive with especially one member of my family. He was very scarce with his affections as opposed to the rest of the family who constantly gave her affection and little to no disciplining. I decided to start acting like him and over time my pup became more respectful and mindful of my wants. All in all, you are the boss, make them follow you, don't follow them.
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