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Figured I might as well use this as a journal since I am lying around on my laptop so much.

It's Day 1 after we brought him home.

I knew the first days would be tough, I guess I was secretly hoping Haku would be so exhausted he would sleep for a day or 2. Well he sort of did and didn't. He was obviously exhausted but incredibly restless. He also has been whining non stop since we brought him home. Sucks as I don't know if he is in pain, tired, stressed, hungry etc. I have never seen him so miserable. Poor guy. To be expected though.

He slept okay but he is very restless. We are in a small carpeted room with his crate and he just whines and paces, which I stop him doing. I ended up putting him in his crate with a chew and he is whining and chewing.

I think this is going to be hard on him. But I am also hoping he will get used to the routine. Once he realizes we are not going outside to play he may settle down...

He is already putting some weight on the leg and I have to try hard to make him walk slow as he tries to launch off already. My 3 steps to the garden of proving a bit traumatic for both of us unfortunately. I trip to the hardware store for a ramp may be in order. They are just too steep and he panics. I lift him down right now.
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