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Originally Posted by JonRob View Post
Tomorrow is Haku's big day, yes? My girlfriend and I will be thinking of him. Please let us know how things go.

I did research the place you are taking him to and it really does look excellent. If I were in your area and had a dog that needed a total hip replacement, that is where I would take him.
Hi JonRob,

Thank you so much for checking in, it made me smile!

Yes, I drop Haku off at 7:00am tomorrow :O I am trying to remain calm as I am sure he can sense my stress.

I also really like the Animal Surgical Center. I know that they will do their best and that's all I can ask for.

Due to some circumstances there will actually be 3 surgeons in on the surgery tomorrow! Dr.Doyle, Dr. Degner, who will be doing the followup checks, and the head of Orthopedics from Louisiana. I hope this doesn't make it any harder or something but so many smart people in one room can't be a bad thing I think....

Today, besides cleaning and prepping of the recovery room, Haku played with one of his buddy's, did a ton of fun enrichment stuff, destroyed some boxes while I tried to assemble my new vacuum cleaner, played tug with me, played some fetch (man he is gonna miss that!) and was a complete and utter sock-stealing nuisance while I tried to clean the house lol.

Some pics of my happy boy. Gosh I hope that smile comes back and this doesn't hit his personality hard.
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