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Years back we had a old Dodge Omni ( a compact) simply wasn't big enough period...there was a time frame back then we had 5 dogs---2 of them weren't mine--the little Dodge simply wasn't big enough for even 2 dogs needless to say....after a trip to NC State Vet School with a dog who was hurting--couldn't get him comfortable when we went to pick him up 5 days later it was in a Jeep Grand Cherokee....we folded the rear seat forward-put a couple of comforters down and Baron was pretty comfy after surgery coming back to Virginia..........

As far as seniors with arthritis in the spine--we lost Beau early June of this year a few days short of his 14th birthday...he had arthritis in his spine and ED .... in his case for the last 4 years it was very very difficult for him to find a comfortable position to lay in our home on the floor--his last year was his worst....these guys usually just don't show pain--but in his last couple of months if I was looking in his eyes I could tell....I can't imagine him or any dog with arthritis in their spine being comfortable riding any long distance because of the bouncing-braking-cornering etc

Be kind to your dog..he's only a few years of your life
but you.. are ALL of his life
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