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Originally Posted by Sabis mom View Post
Actually it would have produced a purebred, registerable litter and one with nice lines. Stud was AKC/CKC registered, and had a proven record of producing champions, bitch was CKC, titled and had been breed a few times. I did not want a litter.
And I am still not sure what you are implying I could have done differently. Crap did happen. Buy it or don't.
You had your bitches in an enclosure that should have kept them safe. No way to know AC would do that.

But that is such an outlier.

It's the attitude that crap happens that bothers me so much. Because "crap happens" people don't take responsibility, and the people think that the government should make laws that effect everyone of us because we can't keep "crap" from happening. Like people who get pissed off at drivers who run over their dogs. I say, "what is the dog doing in the street." Well it got loose, crap happens. Takes responsibility from the owner and shifts it to the driver, or the farmer, or the hunter. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that no one could foresee, but they wouldn't happen again next year. Like they do with these multiple oopse litter folks. You did not even have an oops, because you spay-aborted. But had you, it still wouldn't change the fact that the vast majority of oops litters should have been prevented, and would have been prevented if the owners did not want puppies.

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