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Originally Posted by selzer View Post
Then the litter would not have been purebred GSDs. See, when people are "only selling them for $400" because it was an oops, that just happens to be registratable and purebred, I don't buy it. Crap happened in your case, but it would have produced a purebred litter, unless the SCWTs were the ones breeding. Crap happens, and as longs as we buy that, then we deserve to have the government demand that we spay and neuter evertything on four feet. No, you should not have had to padlock and most places AC would have never done that, but usually we find out stuff like that before the raccoon is in the hen house.
Actually it would have produced a purebred, registerable litter and one with nice lines. Stud was AKC/CKC registered, and had a proven record of producing champions, bitch was CKC, titled and had been breed a few times. I did not want a litter.
And I am still not sure what you are implying I could have done differently. Crap did happen. Buy it or don't.
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