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These are dogs donated by the U.S. To other countries to aid in anti terrorism efforts. The problems started when CVC, a State Department Facility, received the contract instead of the ATF. They dropped the ball on maintaining oversight of the dogs once they were shipped overseas and were in the care of the host countries.

I ran across a similar situation in Afghanistan. 3 Mals basically living tied up outside their kennels. Their "handlers" were lazy ANP officers that just fed and watered them. The "handlers" kicked the dogs out of the air conditioned portable kennels and used them to hang out in the air conditioning while "on duty."

I met one of the dogs when Fama had a find at a border crossing. The ANP Chief asked if they could bring their dog down and see if it responded. I watched the team work. The dog walked right by the explosives. I dropped a 1/4 pound of C4 in front of the dog and it checked it out and walked by.

I talked to the Chief and he said they had 3 dogs total, but they were worthless. Germany had donated the dogs to the ANP 2 years earlier but didn't provide any training for the handlers. I set up a meeting at my FOB with the 3 dogs, their handlers, the Chief and the local ANA Captain. I had them keep their dogs in the vehicles and set up a demo with Fama doing box drills.

I then asked the ANP handlers to replicate the drill and they were obviously untrained. It turns out they offered the job of dog handler up by seniority and they just wanted an easy job. They basically had no responsibilities outside feeding these dogs.

Long story short, I brought the dogs to stay with me and trained them. We went through 9 handlers until we found 3 that actually liked dogs and wanted the job. They stayed with me for a month, training every day that I was available.

Some generous folks back home donated equipment for the teams including harnesses, leashes, muzzles, crates, Kongs, bowls, collars... It was really cool to outfit these guys. They were so proud of their dogs looking like our dogs do. They had 9 finds before I left country.

Back to the OP. It's terribly unfortunate that CVC dropped the ball maintaining oversight of these dogs. The fact is that the big money involved in working dogs sometimes draws less than scrupulous individuals into the business. The TSA had done a decent job of getting properly trained working teams into the field and maintaining oversight and guidance over the years. I'm not sure what drove the decision to change to a private contractor, but my guess would be the cost of the program.

I hope they get things straightened out and some heads roll accordingly.

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