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Originally Posted by germanshepowner View Post
I mean frankly to a lot of the world, breeders are the scum of the earth.. I sure wouldnít want to be one with the stigma attached. Most of my friends who got dogs from expensive breeders are so ashamed they donít even want to discuss it. Iím ashamed that I wonít adopt in the future since Iíve always done that.

But like Iíve said repeatedly, I know how lucky I got and I will get future GSDís from a breeder.
You can choose how you want to deal with folks around them. You can tell them to mind their own business, or just not make any reply. You can use it as an opportunity to educate, but if you do, then be careful to whom you speak and how often, because you can burn out fast.

Breeders are the reason we have the magnificent creature this site is dedicated to. There would be indigenous sheep herding dogs from Germany. But as divers as the German Shepherd is, these dogs would be far more divers, you would not know what a pup from a bitch would be in temperament, ability, trainability, structure, size, color. You would probably have a good idea that it would be able to work sheep. Maybe. In fact modern sheep management might have made indigenous German sheepherding dogs no longer relevant and marked for extinction.

That is how many breeds are formed. Think of old yeller, He was not a yellow Labrador. He was a cur dog, that was used for baiting bear and working pigs. Not domestic Wilbers, but a hog dog, pigs with tusks that run feral in the woods eating nuts and such, protecting themselves from wolves an mountain lions and bears, until they are rounded up and butchered. Formidable animals. When folks no longer need to work their pigs, round them up and notch their ears to show ownership, those dogs would no longer be necessary and would become extinct unless a group of folks see the potential in such dogs and band together to save the dogs, by creating a breed, a standard, and a stud book for them, and carefully allowing some crosses, and then closing that, and being vigilent as to what is bred and what is not bred. These are breeders. These are breed-guardians.

Breeders are breed guardians. Folk that spend all their time and money making decisions about their dogs, who should be bred, who should not, to whom they should be bred, what traits should be built upon, what washed out.

Breeders compete to match their dogs against others, and to show case their dogs, but to also learn what is trending, what worked, what did not work, who might be a good dog to put into their lines. And so forth.

Breeders listen from folks what they want and what they need in their dogs.

Breeders listen to folks about behavior and training and learn to help others by their experience and by the experiences of others.

Breeders listen to health concerns and can get it right over veterinarians and prevent dogs from being chopped on unnecessarily and to their detriment (been there, done that).

There is so much, but if my computer crashes again.... Breeders are the reason you have the treasure you have, even if it came from someone who says they did not intend to breed. She got her dogs from somewhere, from breeders. And all the folks who get their dogs from pounds and shelters, well, they got their dogs from breeders too.

Breeder is not positive or negative, like teacher or construction worker or farmer. We should not have to put "respectable" or "reputable" before the term to make it positive.

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