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Originally Posted by AlphaHunter View Post
I have to ask if anyone here has ever dealt with spay incontinence? It will make its appearance gradually after the spay surgery. The cause is the fact that it is a total hysterectomy which means estrogen drastically drops so, the urethra sphincter muscles weaken. The cause is lack of estrogen hormones.

Anyone deal with this issue?

Did you just live with it, or treat it? You can try hormone replacement. There are other prescriptions that reduce the leaks too.

It's not a harmful condition, but it surely is messy and annoying. I've known of a few people that have dogs with spay incontinence.

I'm now wondering if doing a tubal ligation to keep everything intact is a better option. That would preserve the ovaries, keeping the hormones running as nature intended, but you prevent potential of pregnancies. Yeah, there are risks, but let's be clear here that a spay surgery, despite having become like a rite of passage, being so routine, is still a seriously invasive surgical procedure. I don't take spay or neuter surgery lightly.

Anyways, about spay incontinence??? Have you dealt with this issue?

Seven female dogs, all spayed, no incontinence.

The youngest of them is a dog that was a repeat guest at the shelter. She was first adopted out at a couple months old. She was spayed before they let her go.

The latest spay is a beagle bitch that I got from my breeder after she had one litter. I had her spayed at about 2.5 years old with zero ill effects.

And yes, this is major surgery. There is no such thing as routine surgery.

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