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Originally Posted by Cassidy's Mom View Post
Originally Posted by David Winners View Post
They are great for adult dogs that aren't aggressive chewers too! I have a 12 year old that has had the same fleece tug for years.

That's a super cool tug BTW
Thanks! The balls help protect the fleece since my dogs would target the balls.

Originally Posted by LuvShepherds View Post
Your dogs do fly ball? I’ve been trying to find how to teach mine.
Um, YEAH, lol. Cava is still in training, I hope to debut her sometime next year, but I raced Halo for 5 years. She was ranked #19 of all GSDs registered in NAFA until I had to retire her to DM before losing her last year. Now she's at #21 for her breed since two other dogs overtook her. In her last year she raced on our Multibreed team (all four dogs must be different breeds), which won as regional champions for California that year.

You really need a club if you want to pursue the sport. There's some foundation stuff you can work on on your own, but the box turn in particular isn't something you want to try and train if you don't know what you're doing. Send me a PM if you'd like more info.

(sorry for the hijack, Cas_H)
That second pic is just amazing! Gettin' it!

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