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Originally Posted by David Winners View Post
Originally Posted by Thecowboysgirl View Post
Does it have levels of stim? If so, how many?
By the literature, there are 8 levels of stim, but the stim is adjusted by an infinitely variable knob with 8 numbers, plus off, around it. The knob is small, but it's easy to dial in fine adjustments. So, you can dial in 2.25 easily. In testing it on myself, a 1 on the 3500 is about 16 on the 1900. You can definitely go below 1 if you have a very sensitive dog.

I laid all the ground work with the 1900, so I had 127 levels of stim to work with. All the dogs are already collar literate so I'm not so worried about a little nick above their working level freaking them out.

2 dogs took 2 nicks total. 1 dog I had to really push the distraction to get him to stay in the active zone and get a nick. The vibration was a clear enough signal on its own.

After previously training a few dogs on e-fence behavior using a remote collar with vibrate for the initial training, and then switching to a tone based warning e-fence, I would recommend using similar collars for both training phases, or just using the e-fence collar from the start.

We're actually out doing distraction training now. We have a load of dog walkers in our neighborhood and this is prime time for training. One of the dogs just rushed a dog walker, got the warning vibration, recalled all the way to me and laid down without any intervention from me, other than to put my hand on the long line for safety in case be blew through the fence.

We will work on having no reaction to other dogs in the future, but I wanted to test his reaction to the e-fence and he did well.

All in all, I feel there is a big advantage to working with similar collars if you are going to be using a remote trainer for some work and an e-fence for containment. When we start on general reactivity training, the stim and warning will be the same, not that I plan on using vibrate for that training, but ya never know.
Good to know. I've considered buying the Dogtra fence a few times. In FL on my 10 acres to keep the dogs away from the ponds (gators). Wound up just doing it with supervision and e collars.

And up here I have a bigger property than I could fence all of.

I have gotten by using my 1902 when I needed it but I may find a use for the e fence yet. My middle dog likes to just hang around with my husband while he is working on the tractor and stuff. He is pretty darn good about staying with him but it makes me a little nervous.....
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