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Dogtra E-Fence 3500

I just installed a Dogtra E-Fence 3500. I use Dogtra 1900 collars, and I like them a lot, so I stuck with the brand when I decided an E-Fence would benefit us.

It's a quality built unit. Installation took about 3 hours to install 1000' of wire with the use of a trencher. I did get some monster 14g wire with 60 mil jacket on it as the wire that came in the kit was a little small for my taste. I'm sure it would work fine for most people, but my back yard is an ever transforming place with lots of little projects and I figured the heavy wire may stand up to the occasional nick with a shovel, brick or something.

I like that the receiver is very similar to my 1900 models and they use the same charger. It comes with a standard Dogtra buckle collar that I switched out for a Hawx collar(s). I also got 2 extra receivers. I also like that the warning is vibration, like the 1900, so I could use the 1900 for training and then switch to the 3500 after the dogs understood the rules. I like that the distance from the boundary wire at which the receiver activates is adjustable in a linear manner. So far it's been a good purchase.

Training was easy. It is really just there as a safeguard for when the dogs are out with the granddaughter and she's not paying attention. All the dogs are collar literate, so it was just a matter of showing them the rules and proofing under distraction.

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