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Color, pigment and pattern are 3 separate components.

You have to know the recessives to know what colors are possible. I had a sable female whose sire was black, so she was easy....she carried for black. Bred to sables 3 times, she produced sables and blacks in 2 litters, and in the 3rd litter there was 1 black and tan who may have been a bi color. Bred to Zender Lusondai, she produced black, sable and black and Zender, a black and tan carried black recessive, A black female from that litter produced all three colors as well. A black female I imported, bred to a sable produced sable and bi color - thus the sire carried black and tan/bi rather than black recessive.

One sable female I had bred to a black and tan who was somewhere between a saddle and a blanket pattern produced sables who patterned out to sable saddles. Very light tan with light sable saddles....and the female was a pretty decently pigmented dog.

A black sable female bred to sable male gave me all medium sable pups. One of that litter when bred to a dark sable produced super dark black sables and normal gray sables...another of the litter only produces sables - from 4 litters produced from black female, all are sables - some black sables (like his dam) and some normal pigmented more like his sire...the genetics for the depth of color varied in the litter even though all were sables. Some litters had all dark/black sables, some had a mixture of lighter and dark.

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