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Zephyr - My first dog, a jet black, goofy shepherd/lab/pit mutt that I rescued from our local shelter. He's ~5 yrs old and neutered.

Ansi - 2 yr old spayed female Wooly Agouti Siberian Husky. Came with AKC papers but we never got her fully registered before her deadline. Looks like a mini wolf! She was 6 mo when we got her and she's the smallest of our 5 dogs.

Gaia - ~3/4 yr old spayed female White GSD. Did not come with papers, so unsure of lineage but she looks and acts full shep. Adopted her when she was already 2 y/o and she is our biggest dog!

Noctis & Ventus - Two puppies who showed up on our doorstep Out of Nowhere! two days before Christmas! They were around 2 months old and we believe they may have been attracted to the scent of our trashcan by our backdoor. They're now about 8 months old, neutered and the SWEETEST dogs I've ever met in my life! Breed is hard to tell but they look like some kind of shepherd/hound mix. They're coat colors and ears make me think shep, but they have houndlike faces and soft bites.

We also have 3 cats and a tarantula.

Gaia and Zephyr are definitely the top dogs. Zephyr acts dominant to any dog he meets but Gaia melts his heart and he's a big pushover for her.
Ansi wants to be in charge, I think it's just in her breed, but she's only 45lbs and all fluff.
The two pups are so docile and they were neutered before they ever even hit puberty so there isn't a shred of dominance in them haha

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Name: Dinah
GSD: Gaia, White Shep of unknown lineage
Location: Alabama, USA

I'm always looking for new training advice and sturdier toys! ^^
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