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Yes totally agree with you! Good move. Our vet said if we can get through two, to do two heat cycles. But this is rough! Our girl is miserable and pacing endlessly. She randomly peed though?! Why???

Is panting normal? She’s very agitated too. Argh!
All of them are different in heat. I have had girls that you would never have guessed, I have had others that got aggressive, or cranky, or moody. Some showed signs of discomfort. But you have a girl who has a history of urinary tract issues and panting is often a sign of pain so I would give your vet a call and make sure all is good.
Ok I will! Eek I was hoping it was a regular symptom. She is so sweet apparently as her mood. She just used me as a mattress and isn’t leaving my side. I really hope it’s not something with her UTI’s. 😞
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