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Originally Posted by Sabis mom View Post
I was always told 7 days coming in, 7 days in, 7 days going. I call it a month. You can still walk her just no off leash. Some bitches bleed heavy and some almost not at all. I don't use diapers, I just use old sheets and towels to protect fabric and carpet, keep the mop handy and carry on. Don't leave her outside unattended even for a minute.
Three weeks? Oh my. 😞 She seems to be a heavy bleeder. She’s fine wearing the diaper thankfully because we have a LOT of light beige furniture.. Could it be shorter since she’s only 8 months old? I’m panicking. I was supposed to go on a work trip and there’s no way now I can board her or ask family to watch her.

And she should go through two heat cycles before we spay her?
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