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Originally Posted by Shane'sDad View Post
OP.....I think that most knowledgeable people who have a clue which way the wind blows....will not bring their female in heat to any event where they may encounter intact males....the responsibility of doing the "right" thing lies with the owner of the female in heat not with you or any owner of an intact male......yes I know that here in the real world all you have to do is read many of the posts on any online forum ( pick a forum subject ) or just watch daily news to know that the world is full of clueless....inexperienced or just don't care folks....however I think you'll find MOST folks involved in the show ring won't bring a female in heat to a show......

I agree with Tim --you'll never teach an intact male to ignore a female in just won't happen....quickest way to get some "battle scars" or worse on a drop a female in heat in the middle of a group of never know what you may encounter in a park situation-- an owner may OR may not know their girl is in heat ( hard to believe-but true )...but most "show" folks will know better......

I have been on both sides. I have worked intact males and expected them to do their jobs and I have worked intact females and make no apologies.
I walk Shadow in public. I control my dog and you control yours. She still needs exercise. I worked Sabi in heat. We still had a job to do. I trained Bud around females in heat and expected him to listen. I worked both his dad and his uncle around bitches.
Training is training and obedience is obedience. One of my pet peeves is people who say their dogs listen except when...
They listen or they don't. There is no sometimes and excepts.

OP make it clear to your boy that his obedience is not up for debate. I would be asking for him to ignore, focus on you. As long as he knows the commands a correction is in line.
There is a time and place for him to be a dog. And when he is "working" isn't it.
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