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Originally Posted by Jenny720 View Post
There are always bitches in season at dog shows. Working on focus exercises with distractions are important with good rewards. In nose work class females in heat were one of the distractions that were close by and there were mostly intact males in the classroom- tensions were high on those days but all the dogs powered through.

In some more pet type events, females in season are still treated as taboo contagions. In other sports, dogs are absolutely expected to work through it (or miss a lot of trial opportunities).

I just ran an in-heat, intact bitch for her ORTs (NACSW). She wore pants and I pottied her at the far side of the property, but it is allowed and there are protocols in place because it's commonplace. BIS's run in catalog order at herding trials, they run last (but can still run) in test classes. It's normal and common in IPO/IGP. The only sport I've had to remove myself from when a female is in season is AKC agility. You can run a BIS in UKI agility, you just need to use a mat at the start line. Pants optional.

If you're going to do dog sports or show, you should expect to train through a BIS. So good on you, OP, for working on it right away.
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