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I had to go googling to find out more about this, having never heard of a dog "allergic to itself" Supposedly they can react to their own dander but it is extremely rare. Was the allergy testing that was done a blood test or the injection of a panel of possible allergens under the skin? In Quinn's last few years we were regularly seeing a very good dermatologist who says the skin testing is the gold standard. This requires shaving and sedation. Once any allergen has been identified, a serum can be made which is given to the dog either daily under the tongue or less often by injection. The serum contains tiny amounts of the allergen and supposedly exposure over a period of time desensitizes the dog. In Quinn's last year we used Cytopoint with amazing results. Itching stopped within 24 hours and the shot lasted almost 12 weeks each time. Cytopoint neutralizes IL-31 which is a protein that sends the itch signal to the brain. The urge to itch is interrupted and the cycle is broken. Cytopoint is almost free of side effects and breaks down naturally without involving the kidneys or liver. Apoquel can have some nasty long term side effects. If you aren't already working with a board-certified dermatologist or in direct contact yourself with Michigan State, that would be a good first step. As you can see, this is a major quality of life issue and your sweet girl needs some relief. I hope you can connect soon with an expert to guide you through this.

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