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Hoping for more advice!

Hello! I adopted a German Shepherd at 12weeks back in December... shortly after in January I noticed her eyes were swelling in addition to her lips and she was obsessively itching. We took her in and got her a steroid to help immediately but that was a short term fix. Then we did lots of testing. We thought food allergy and quickly changed her food. She came w eating blue buffalo and it seemed fine at first. We switch to a Salmon prescription diet. No treats. And all testing came back clear for environmental and food except cats n basically herself. I’ve never had cats and I feel awful she’s allergic to herself. The medicine they gave her makes her super drowsy and she loses all control of her bladder. She breaks on w swollen eyes and lips every couple of weeks and she can’t sit still because she is soooo uncomfortable. She is constantly thirsty and checked her blood and they said peeing was a result of the medicine.

My heart aches for her. She is such a good girl and is great w my children.

The Vets been working w Michigan State University and I have to believe they have done all that they can ...but was hoping by some small chance - someone can relate and maybe give me some hope. The medicine can hurt her organs over time and she’s still a pup. Ps Benadryl only takes the edge off. Her legs have almost no hair due to her biting and her skin. 😭

Any suggestions ?????

Maizey’s mom 😊
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