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Originally Posted by Kyrielle View Post
So, I'm gonna totally derail this just for the sake of these comments.

Guys. It's been like 3 days. People have lives. Ya'll probably shouldn't get all bent out of shape over internet people not saying "Thank You" or responding. Chill out.

Now just so I can say something remotely on topic, OP get a lawyer.

Every member here who took the time and put thought into their answer also have lives....some have day to day very busy lives and yet only one member actually has a vested interest in the responses....that would be the OP.... the problem is his and his NO I don't think it's asking to much to expect the one person involved in this thread who could actually benefit from the posts... that would be the OP...... to stay involved with the post... You see on rare occasions here with a few threads the OP does stay involved and actually does offer "thank yous"....but in 2019 I don't expect much in the way of..."please" or "thank yous" or just simple common courtesy and so...I'm usually not disappointed ......I hope the OP does actually finish this thread because I want to know the fate of the far as hiring a lawyer goes for the OP that will be a true reality check IMO-----OMG.. it's not always someone elses fault and yes I am responsible for what my dog does....pretty sure that's referred to as liability.....but I'm sure a judge could explain that better than me
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