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Crate for the Car?

My six month old puppy currently rides in my Kia Sorento in a plastic, hard-shell crate and it has worked great for us. Unfortunately, he's getting a little too big for it and it's the largest one I can find that will fit in my car. I am hoping someone can recommend a crate (maybe a soft-sided one?) that would fit in a mid-size SUV that a full-size GSD will fit in. Even better would be if I could break it down easily when the dog is not with me to see out the back window better.

If that's expecting too much out of a crate, does anyone use doggy seatbelts? My main concern is that I live in an area with very busy roads and crazy drivers and I don't want to be distracted by the puppy possibly chewing things he shouldn't be while I'm driving.
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