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Teaching GSD to bark

Hey guys,

I'm trying to look for alternative ways to get my GSD to bark on command...

He's not a dog that barks much (at the door, at people, at dogs while with me etc) He does it for attention sometimes while in crate (and sounds like a wuss with a whimpering bark lol) or when he's in the backyard and sees other dogs or something "odd" to him.

I tried the food trick method (he loves ice cubes and I've tried that too) and all he does is pretty much spin in circles waiting for me to give it to him. but will not bark so I can award him.

any ideas on how to do this? I'm looking for an agressive bark... not the "speak" and he barks once.

Here is a video of what I would ultimately like to accomplish. He does have a "full and throaty" bark when he wants to.

Looking for some advice!!
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