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My puppy is jealous of other dogs ... what do I do???

Hi! This is my first post in this forum but I've been finding great tips here throughout the weeks.

I have a 14 week old GSD/Border collie mix. Looks like a shepherd, but has a little border collie devil living inside of her, she's funny/super active/wise/adorable.

When I first got her (at 8 weeks), she was quite scared of other dogs as she got attacked by her father a few times, apparently. There's a park around the corner of my house where people walk their dogs a lot so I spent a lot of time there. The first few days she'd bark when she saw another dog in the distance, and hide between my legs when I'd meet the other dog/their owner. After about a week she was still shy but would sometimes try to play with a dog that had been around for long enough. She had absolutely no issue with me interacting with other dogs.
She gradually became into it more and more and around 11 weeks she would full on play with other dogs and get excited whenever we'd see one on the street.

Two weeks ago she got her shots and we started going to a lake in my neighbourhood that has a huge off leash dog area. It's not too crowded during the week, and she LOVES it. She's really good off leash, plays with dogs all sizes and loves all of them, runs around, goes in the water a little, and listens to me a lot, has amazing recall, knows all the basic commands + drop it/leave it, all of it is GREAT;

Except one thing.

She is jealous of other dogs interacting with me.

It started about a week ago and I'm not sure what to do. If a dog comes too close to me and she sees it, she'll quickly place her body between me and that dog. If I pet the dog, she frantically growls/barks/tries to bite (looks like she's telling the other dog "get lost she's MINE") . I've been saying "NO" ..?
I've also asked someone to hold her while I was petting her dog. I thought it might be a good idea to show her that I can have a good moment with another dog, without her losing me as her human. She cried like she was getting tortured and tried to escape her collar. I let the other dog run off before I asked the woman to release mine, so no fights would happen. She was completely fine with that dog when he came back a few minutes later. As long as I don't interact with them, she's great.

Also today, she growled with teeth out and lunged at a lab/shepherd because that dog's owner gave them both a treat.

I've gotten her used since day 1 to not be possessive of toys, bones, food, anything. A human can take her bowl away and pretend to eat it, and she'll sit and wait with her tail wagging. I've been making a big deal when people come over, hugging/touching friends a lot and she usually wants to participate (like she'll be all excited like "me too! me too!") but never has she shown any sign of jealousy towards another human that is close to me.

So now whenever a dog comes close to me, I don't know what to do. My big fear is that she lunges at an older dog that just wanted a pet or treat from me, and that the other dog gets mad at her and attacks her back. A friend suggested that it might be what she needs to learn that she can't act like that but I'm sure there's other ways. Is she jealous? Is she scared I'll like another dog better and she will lose me? Is she protecting me from a potential threat (since she got attacked by her father at such a young age)? For a 14 week old puppy, she's already looking pretty fierce when she tries to scare a dog away ... I can't imagine how it would be in a few months if I let it fly.

How do I fix this?
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