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Do you have a utility /mudroom the dog can be confined in until(it will happen) he is better at staying lose in the house? All my dogs were allowed to roam after one year but not my new puppy (who is now one) will not be allowed lose anytime soon by himself in the house. Pup goes into his extra large crate when I leave or he will go out into the kennel, weather permitting. Also since I do live on a large track of land, I was told by both my fire and police departments, who know the farms around here to keep the pet's crate covered and right next to the door in case of fire , they WILL NOT GO INTO A BURNING HOUSE risking their lives looking for a scared pet-(yep strait from their mouths) but they will pull the whole crate out or at least open the crate's door to let pup out of the house since it is right next to the door, under the window with the reflective pet here sticker.

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