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Originally Posted by r3tro23 View Post
I am going through getting a pup now with the same issue. The pup is just shy of 7 weeks and only 1 testicle, my question is would you guys get the pup still knowing this? or wait on a different litter?
If you are looking for a show or sport prospect with breeding in mind, I would say pass on that puppy. But if you're just looking for a companion dog, you may not find it that big of a deal. When you have the dog neutered (or the retained testicle removed) the surgery will be a littler more pricey than a regular neutering (more like a spay for a female). Levi's cost around $300/$350 something like that. If the breeder is reputable, and the sire/dam are good representatives of the breed with health clearances and titles (or some other form of breed worthiness), then I would go ahead and get the pup. Of course, that's just me, others may disagree.

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