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Chip Blasiole
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Why do you say training her with treats and not toys was a mistake? Different people have different approaches, but if a pup has good food drive, I start out with food because it is easier to lure and you can reinforce the behavior continuously, unlike with toys. Meanwhile, I assess the pup's prey drive and use a toy to build drive and teach fundamentals that will later help with bite work such as striking, countering, holding the toy, carrying the toy, possessing the toy, etc. If you have no plans to do bite work, you can still use some of those fundamentals to build possessiveness and drive. I think you can see how raising a pup around another dog prevents you from being the bearer of all things good. I assume your male was raised without another dog and you say he focuses on you and your female was raised with another dog and is focused on him and sees you as much less interesting as another dog.
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