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Welcome to the board.

I'm confused how her prey drive could be insane and her toy drive "a little bit" because generally "toy drive" is considered "prey drive" So what are you using to judge "prey drive"?

From what you have written in this post, you have both dogs out at once and expect your female to focus on you and training? At 1 yo that is not going to happen - not in my experience anyway ---- unless I have something insanely high value and then I may get both dogs focused on me. So -- it sounds like your expectations may be a bit unrealistic. If you want to work with the female, work with her. If you want to work with your guy (and as the dog with seniority, he should get first attention, major focus time with you) put the female up. If you want them to interact, have them both out together. So - your apparent expectations need some serious adjustment. BUT remember, the senior dog gets a lot of solo time, a lot of "you first" time and that interaction continues when they are both out together.
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