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I could clone my dog every day with the hair he sheds. If I donít vacuum every day, it looks like I live in a meth house (or what I assume a meth house must look Itís like watching Hoarders only with nothing but dog hair filling the spaces. I canít remember the last time I cooked, where dog hair wasnít a side dish...sometimes the main course. I wish I loved non-shedding breeds. But theyíre either ugly to me or too small.

I had a Dyson that was wonderful. But I moved to Florida and didnít want to ship it. Iím an idiot. Iíve never had a vacuum that lasted more than 2 years before. I got a shark when I moved, and it lasted a year and a half. Itís a shame because I loved their lift away technology for ceilings, etc. So much easier for tight spaces than the Dyson. I went back to the Dyson Animal and I LOVE it. I will never stray again. Lesson learned.
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