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Originally Posted by Fodder View Post
Thereís quite a range as far as coat quality (and coat types of course). Iím sure breeding plays a part... but Iíd say diet plays a bigger part, as does grooming. My dogs blow their coats twice a year.... it can last from 3-6 weeks each dog and they arenít on the same sqedule which I canít quite figure out how/why. Anyway... outside of seasonal blowing, if recently bathed and regular brushing - I do have a few months out of the year where my good ol randomly bred boys donít (or barely) shed. When my girl who has since passed was raw fed, her coat was at its best and I very rarely dealt with hair.

But man when itís bad, itís BAD. Went to the self service dog wash yesterday - there are 6 tubs and it was a pretty busy day. I felt so bad, every single person left with GSD hair on them once I started with the dryer. So embarrassing!
Consider the GSD hair a free sample
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