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Thanks for the replies! I recently purchased a 6hp xpower pet blower so I’ll see how that works. I do groom her appx 2X per week but seems like it doesn’t help much. I see pics of other dogs online and I scan them for hair in the background but I never see anything.
I call bs. Photoshop. [IMG class=inlineimg]/forum/images/Germanshepherds_2016/smilies/tango_face_grin.png[/IMG]
It would not be a meal or an outfit without the doghair.

Shadow, and all previous, definitely go through dog building season twice a year but the rest of the year is just random loose hairs on the floor, and my bed, and the couch, and my jacket.

There is a reason they call them German Shedders.
I got my girl professionally groomed once last year and it was the first time in 2 years we didn’t see a single hair for 3 days. She was in our bed, on the couch, and in my lap. I took her back to that same groomer the next month with high hopes but nope was disappointed.

However, I follow a few dog pages on IG and the owners along with the background are always clean. I too call BS
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