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Originally Posted by Icingss View Post
Hello!. We’re having a tough time breaking this habit so we often end up frustrated which sucks!! Walking together should be fun.
What do you think?
Thank you 🙂

Frustration sux for all involved.....not much progress is made in that mindset as you know.

As far as " Walking together should be fun".....yeah sure.......but as I started off as an exercise.....a discipline....commanded obedience.....the "fun" came after the discipline was achieved.

Generally.....our "walks" started before the front door was opened....kind of setting the tempo.... the"walk" always started with the pup in the heel slot...

Once the pup learned the drill....then the "fun" began.....loose full leash or longline wherever she wanted to scent or roam....and then at times per command she was called back into the heel slot.

Lots of good things happened when the dog was in the slot.....we'd make a game of it at times.....

Have fun with your's infectious


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