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I like them too. Used to be the only place I could get the yellow foam ball on a leather strap which my dog is nuts for. Now Leerburg sells them but I feel like a traitor to buy it from Leerburg [IMG class=inlineimg]/forum/images/smilies/frown.gif[/IMG]

I like that harness but I don't know why they attach the girth strap so far forward on so many harnesses? I got obsessed with this when trying to find a tracking harness that would not pinch my dog in the arm pits. He is like a mile long and every harness I tried rode up in his armpits. I finally found one that fits him. I really like the look of the Julius K9 Mantrailing harness for him but it is a little wishy washy whether it is allowed in AKC competition and I don't want to train in a harness I can't compete in or risk being told I can't go into the test in the harness he is used to, so I've never tried it
I've seen those yellow foam ball and leather straps before and been tempted, but the word "foam" sounds like it would be short lived? Will it last a while if used only during training?
They last quite well unless you let a toy destroyer go to town ripping them up. They'll last 1 minute alone with a dog like that. But supervised tug and toss they do pretty well, I've used the same one for my male for a few months at a time.

There is a $6 cheapie version on chewy if you want to try it. The rope on those balls does not last, but it is the same ball. The leather does last
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