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Hokhmah has been killing it on the trailing and HRD... But she just blew me away... Certified dogs ran a 24hr aged track and when I got home, Hokhmah was having a fit.. She LOVES the game... So I asked a family member to lay a puppy trail for her.. Since we have been doing them on the property (which in all honesty is pretty darn tough due to scent pools and layered tracks from everyday walking and chores) and she has been Trailing beautifully but guessing where the person is hiding (you can only do so much in the 1.5acres before redundancy kicks in, and the other 6acre pasture has grass so tall her short legs wouldn't be able to motor through it) and doing short tracks in a series of 3,i figured we would go to the local church near us. The lot was full yesterday, but empty today) 7th day Adventist), they have a couple of bldgs, large field and a creek with trees etc... Chance to see if the contamination would be an issue, her focus and new things to see and do...

Well, first a scent article was forgotten, so my mom grabbed a friend's hair tie and rubbed it everywhere on herself.. Tainted scent articles can be a part of SAR, but I don't feel good about using it but my mom hops out and disappears... I had given a few suggestions... Hokhmah is in the car whining and pacing... About 7 min later I feel my mom should be hid.. I lift Hokhmah out, put a 30' leather line on her collar, let her sniff the tainted/bad scent article and say "Find her".....

Nose to the ground she begins working through the heavy contamination and new odors, Gravel, asphalt to a bldg where the wind blows odor into the corridor. She follows it (this is a totally blind trail, I have no idea where my mom is) and sees her reflection in the glass doors.. It startles her and she sees the reflection stand like her, raise her hackles and bark back at her.. She does this for a bit and I pull her away and back to where I know she had track odor and tell her 'to find her'.. Hackles still raised and little woofs being muttered she gets back to work, along another building out into a large field.. She casts herself in little circles and I am pretty sure she is dead on the track.. She heads for the trees and toward the creek.. Little paths fork in multiple directions and I am seriously wondering where the heck my mom is! Hokhmah backtracks, starts on one path doubles back and down another, she is moving faster and I KNOW she is in odor.. A few more twists and turns, scampering over logs and branches and hiding in tall dry grass by the creek is my mom... PARTY!!! WIGGLES, WHINES, KISSES, TREATS!!! .2 miles!!! Ack! My 12wk old pup just ran a double blind long track!! I am sooo proud of her, and she wanted to tug and carry her leash all the way back to the car and is now SOUND asleep.. ❤️❤️❤️&# x2764;️❤️❤️&#x2 764;️❤️❤️&#x276 4;️😭😭😍😍&#x1 f62d;😭😍😍😭💗 💗💗💗💗💗&#x1f 497;💗💗
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