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Originally Posted by ausdland View Post
Good luck if the cats don't stand their ground and teach the puppy to be respectful. I had to divide the house in 2 with gates as my old cat was a scaredy cat. What I would've done differently is kept my puppy crated more and on a drag line when she was out of her crate.
Yes, I was going to say, I've always had cats that were more than willing to smack the dogs around, even though I had cats before I every had dogs.

Teagan I got as an adult and she was from the get-go, and always, not safe around the small animals. I think if I'd had her from a puppy and could've shaped her behaviours it would've been different. Right now my guys are fairly cat-neutral, or nervous of them, because they know the cats will eff them up heh. Esme (who has passed on) set the tone as she'd beat the dogs for the sheer joy of it, so they learned not to step out of line (except for Luc, who adored her, and would jump on her, and then wonder why she was smacking him - we started stepping in to reign him in as it wasn't fair to her).

Keeping your puppy on a line in the house until there's a more settled environment between it and the cats should help.

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