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Originally Posted by tim_s_adams View Post
I'd be mortified if my dog ever hurt a puppy also! I won't let that happen...

As much as you will try you can't guarantee it won't happen.

Our story...

We were actually leaving the dog park and about 40-50 feet away from the exit. A woman and dog I knew pretty well was entering the park. About 7-8 dogs rushed the entrance (as was common) to see the newcomer. Her dog got stressed and broke through the pack full of nervous vengeance. Barking, growling and baring teeth to get the pack off her. Now this was normally a calm dog that didn't cause any trouble that I had ever seen in the past. Then it happened in a split second. The dog veered and just attacked my girl, who was not part of or near the offending pack that had rushed the incoming dog.
The attack was short and was stopped by a stern command from the owner and myself.
We immediately left the confines of the park and I looked over my girl. She had a bleeding bite between her shoulders. Information was exchanged and off to the vet we went. Fortunately she only needed 3 stitches. The other dogs owner offered to pay my vet bills. Being a fair minded person I only asked for half as I took on part of the responsibility of such an incident just by being in the dog park (and I knew her dog was acting out of fear/stress not true aggression). So I was out $150 and so was the other dogs owner because a dog got stressed by a pack of other dogs we weren't even engaged with in any way. Wrong place, wrong time.

Yup my girls wound healed without complications. However, her temperament was forever changed that day. She pretty much dislikes female dogs now. She wasn't they way before the attack.

So you will try but you probably won't be able to prevent an incident if it's going to happen. Dogs move fast.

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