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Dog park blues...

For a long time now I've talked about taking my dog daily or nearly daily to the dog park. And for the most part it's always been good. But in the past month or so it's become a bit more trying to say the least!

Nyx is now 22 months, and has gone through her second heat recently. She seems to have emerged from that a little more aggressive toward 5-7 month old puppies for some reason, and it has caused some issues recently.

First, about 2 weeks ago I was contacted by Animal Control because a lady with a 5 month old huskie had complained about my dog's aggressive behavior. I freely gave this woman my dog's name and my contact info, but was a little shocked to get a call from A.C. the very next day!

My dog was simply schooling her puppy, which I saw several other dogs do that same day, and to their credit the A.C. officer who contacted me totally understood. But it happened!

Tonight, the same thing happened with a different puppy, but this time the owner confronted me directly. Good for him! We discussed it, I completely understand where he's coming from, so we were able to talk it through and parted on good terms.

The thing is, it's partially a dog thing that none of us can control or dictate, and it's partially my fault for not watching more closely. I promised to do better in the future, but at the same time explained why totally squashing this behavior might be counter productive in the long run...

My dog isn't hurting his puppy, just schooling it. The rough stuff will end of its own accord if we let it...I promised to curtail it somewhat in the meantime, and as I said, we parted amicably so it's all good...for now. But I am going to have to watch my dog more closely for a bit...

It has been interesting to watch my dog's behavioral changes over time. It's totally clear that just because a dog has been going to the dog park for many months, it doesn't mean that today will be the same as it's always been...maturity changes things.

I sincerely hope we can continue to go so my dog can run around off-leash, but time, and her behavior will dictate that. Not my wishes...

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