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Actually downhill and butt high are different in horses. Downhill has to do with the pillar of support, while "butt high" is simply that the hind end is higher than the withers. Horses can be butt high without being functionally downhill. It's true that young horses go through butt high phases though, and that's what I was referring to in my original post. Was trying to find out if dogs go through the same thing, which apparently they do 🙂
Sure do! Some worse then others,[IMG class=inlineimg]/forum/images/Germanshepherds_2016/smilies/tango_face_grin.png[/IMG]
This is Sabi at about 18 months as near as I recall. As much as I adored this dog, she grew really ugly! Every couple of months her butt and her shoulders switched places and none of it was improved by thick bone and huge ears. I actually think your girl is very pretty and thought a worse looking dog may make you feel better, lol.

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Lol thank you!!! Sounds like her growth was similar to Bug's. Your dog is beautiful 🙂
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