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Originally Posted by kenzandel View Post
Maybe I'm trying to increase distance too quickly. What would you do if you had a puppy who dropped the ball after you let go or tried to run off with it?
So what my trainer said to do with a puppy/dog who dropped the ball/tug after you let go is to be really quick and grab it then play keep away for a few seconds before letting them grab it again. I usually "fake grab" it a few times to get her to realise I'm playing a game that will become "keep away." I'll smack the dog with the tug (gently of course) before turning my body to "hide" the toy, then present it again in front of me so the dog has to move to get it. (Hope that makes sense)

If you're worried about running off, keep him on a long leash so he can't really run off. My trainer's female mali liked to run in circles after she "won" the tug from her. The trainer started keeping her on a long lead and gently guiding her back for more tug. She also mentioned keep sessions super short to begin with - maybe one or two throws/tugs, then put it away so the dog WANTS to do it.

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