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Originally Posted by Nursejulie View Post
I’m also wondering if spending some time in the room she poops in would help her recognize it as a living space like the rest of the house?
Tht is a really good idea. Also feed her on the accident spots or sprinkle some treats there. I would not make it a big deal when she poops outside as it can put too much emphasis on the issue. I think in her case it helps when things remain calm. Just mark it with "Go Potty" (or some command you prefer)in a normal voice when she does it. It is about creating a new habit. In the meantime restrict her freedom by keeping her with you on leash or crated when you can't leash her. It is back to puppy 101. Good exercise also keep her gut active. She will have to poop at some point. Good luck with her. She is lucky you took her.
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