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Originally Posted by Sabis mom View Post
PAPERWORK! For you and the dogs. ID, license/tattoo/chip numbers. Banking info, property title, insurance papers, vaccination records, recent photos. And cash.

When I travel with Shadow I keep water, dishes, food, first aid kit for dogs, a spare muzzle, and towels....
I figure the last place anyone is likely to try is inside a dogs crate.
I'm gonna take your advice on hiding the cash! I'll spend some of my free time tomorrow scanning documents and records so I have them online and such. I have a well stocked first aid kit, I got stuff that I knew I could use for either us or the dogs just to make life easier. I did this before I camping trip in July and we never ended up using anything.

Originally Posted by kr16 View Post
Don't go North or South, go West......

Get everything unplugged when you leave except the fridge....

Move everything away from windows and off the floors.....

Keep in mind if you do not have flood insurance which most people do not they will not cover anything due to certain outside water damage. Get your homeowners policy out and bring it with you. If you have damage, PM me after I will coach you how to get Max money. Hope it doesn't come to that.

Any doors that open in, beware the wind can force them open. Secure them.
Fill your bathtubs add a cap or two of bleach.

Of course everything loose outside needs to come in. To late to trim trees close to the house unless you can hide the debris which becomes weapons from the wind.

That's all I got for the moment. Good luck.
THAT IS A LOT OF INFO! I am extremely thankful for all of it! I cut your post to the main points just to reply to you. We actually trimmed everything a couple weeks ago so thankfully that is one thing not to worry about. We did a couple of bushes today when we cleaned the gutters but, I am going to run over them with the lawnmower and shred them to pieces tomorrow. My neighbor across the street has huge limbs all over the front of his house in the road and we live at the end of a cul de sac by the end storm drain for our street. I am calling the city on him tomorrow morning. He is a family friend but that is incredibly stupid. He doesn't even have them collected properly for the city workers to pick everything up. I'll take a picture tomorrow and show you, it makes me angry at the neglegence.

Why do you suggest to put bleach in the bathtub water out of curiosity?
We have flood insurance. Got it after minor flooding from Matthew. This is before our neighborhood dredged our canals and the city did extra drainage work to prepare more for hurricanes which are inevitable. BUT if I have any questions I'll message you, thanks for the offer.

Also, if we evacuate we usually plan on going to West Virginia to visit family 400 miles away from our home. (still just enough space for hurricane Florence to stretch from one end to another and that is an insane though)

Originally Posted by unfortunatefoster View Post
The upstate will be hit with high winds and several inches of rain. We are notorious for falling trees and power outages. They are, however, lowering lake levels right now, so flooding won't be an issue. If you don't mind sitting in the dark in a strange hotel room...come this way.

....only thing I can add, is make absolutely sure your dogs cannot slip their collars and you have their shot records, should you have to board them.
They are expected the hurricane to be a 4 and then drop to a 1 when it hits us. BUT they are also saying they expect it to stall for 3 days over us and this is where the flooding comes from. We have had so much rain this summer that the grass is damp even now. I actually get excited when I have a chance to cut the grass lately haha. We are going to make our dogs wear their harnesses and collars. Different forms of identification on each one just to be safe. Thank you

Originally Posted by GandalfTheShepherd View Post
Are you on the coast or inland? It sounds like as soon as it hits its going to get knocked down to a level one, a lot of people get hyped up and excited and the storms usually aren't as bad as everyone around you thinks they will be. Sounds like it will be a lot of rain though, hope you are upland? My inlaws are in the carolinas right now so we are keeping an eye on it too. If you're in land and not in a high flood risk area I personally wouldn't bother evacuating and putting my old dog through all that just for a level 1 storm. But judge your own situation carefully.
I live in Virginia Beach. So on the coast but more inland. I'm about 8 miles from the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. I also heard they are expecting it to drop to a Cat 1 when it hits us but then they are expecting it to stall over us for a few days which will bring tons of rain on our already saturated land. We have had near record breaking rainfall this summer. I posted in another comment how our city started a flood zone map. Zone A is the worst flood chance. Zone D is the least. We are Zone C but have flooded before. But this is before our city lowered lake levels, dredged canals, and a lot more. They have done a lot to prepare which makes me feel like I may not need to leave. This is also why we want to wait to decide probably tomorrow if we need to leave. Wednesday they should have a really good idea on how everything will be. Keeping your inlaws in my thoughts! Looks like the Carolinas are gonna get hit harder than us!

Originally Posted by wolfy dog View Post
Great advice for us west coasters for when the big quake hits.
I thought so too. I hoped this post may help others in the future. I should have made a better title so people could search for the info easier. I'm very thankful to be able to come here for help and now I have this for the future.

Originally Posted by Magwart View Post
For your vet records, ask the vet to EMAIL you a full patient chart. Print out a copy, and leave a copy in cloud storage.

Put a copy of your homeowners and flood insurance and car insurance in the cloud too, along with digital pictures of your whole house (every room, and if you have time a picture of what's in every drawer and closet).

Don't forget your irreplaceable pictures and family momentos too.

If you don't have a solar cell phone charger, consider paying Amazon to express ship one.

Be sure to leave your fridge/freezer EMPTY.
I am going to email my vet now. I am going to scan lots of documents tomorrow to save online! We are going to risk keeping some food in our fridge. We have done less shopping that needs to go in it just to be prepared. We would rather cook out the next day if needed we already have extra charcoal just in case, thank you. I have heard that the dishwasher is a waterproof safe place to put albums, pictures, and such if needed, which makes since. I am gonna order a solar charger off amazon now too. If I don't use it or open it then I'll just return it.

Originally Posted by GandalfTheShepherd View Post
I've been through more than I can remember living here in FL, hope you've gassed up by now and got your water because chaos is probably about to hit where you're at if it hasn't already. Decide now if you are going or staying. We always ride out the storms here but our structures are built for it since we get hit so often, hurricane Charlie hit us the worst. Irma last year was rough too. Find a good radio and make sure you have batteries for it, tune in to the weather station. There are usually great narrators out there that travel around in the storm and you can get an idea what the next wave is going to feel like. Since you have some time get some wood boards and board up your windows (label them so next time you know which board belongs where), put inside anything that can be dangerous when airborne. As far as the dogs most have covered it here, make a list so you don't forget anything. Some shelters I've heard will turn away dogs and you have to leave them out the pound, not sure how true that is since we don't evacuate and never have before. Gandalf refused to go to the bathroom during the entire storm, it was MANY hours, so make sure you've let them pee before it hits. If you are staying put water in all your pots and freeze them so you have ice now, and fill your tub up with water so you can flush if the power is out for months. Make sure you have fuel for BBQ, stock up on canned foods, test out your generator. Put candles out in good spots now so you aren't searching in the dark, same with flashlights and batteries. Have a safe room, middle of the house with no windows and put down an air mattress, dog beds, pillows, things you need. We slept in our closet all night during Irma with Gandalf... it was really hot since the power was out but werent complaining as a tornado tore through our neighborhood. Will be praying for all you up there.... let us know how you are once the storm is over!

Water is the most important thing.

Here's G next to our neighbors tree that fell down on their house, they had to chop it all up and carry it away it was so huge! After is the "fun" part, clean up... collect lots of fire wood for next winter and make some crafts lol
I'll be sure to get some after hurricane pictures to share with everyone! I feel like your dog makes a hurricane destroyed tree look like a work of art. Gandalf really is gorgeous! We have a wind up radio, so hopefully it works well enough! I don't really know how well I can say our structures are built for hurricanes, but I would say good enough. Florida is always better built for it though. We don't have really any homes with hurricane windows but I did get plywood and we will be putting that up tomorrow. Thankfully we went on a long camping trip in July and have lots of flashlights and batteries. If we do stay I will for sure blow up all the air mattresses and we will have a family sleepover in the middle of the house, thank you for that idea. Battery powered air mattress pumps just waste batteries too quickly so I'd rather do that ahead of time if needed.

Originally Posted by dogfaeries View Post
My father went through this with Katrina, in Biloxi. Stayed, and ended up with 5 and a half feet of water in his house. His advice is GO as soon as you are able. The traffic is going to be horrendous the longer you wait, and hotel/motel rooms are scarce.

Be safe! And let us know how youre doing!
Thank you <3 Our city says they have done so much the past 2 years to prepare for flooding and are only concerned with people on the peninsulas or other areas along the water because of the swells. If we leave we will be going to West Virginia, 400 miles away. I remember driving to Florida a few years ago after hurricane Irma. Because of the flooding in South Carolina there were hotels completely booked even over 100 miles away. Hopefully we don't need to but if we must we would just go closer to Ohio. Hopefully we don't need to leave. I'm anxiously awaiting this weather update at 11 pm. It's 10:54 right now and I'm finally posted this long reply lol. I just felt like I needed to reply to as many as I could.

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