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Working with cats..

So we've had Koda for a couple of weeks now but I've noticed he's become more excited to see the cats than ever. He tunes out all commands while he see's a cat and even isn't distracted by high value treats (like chicken) to which if he takes, he will just drop immediately and go back to the cats. We've tried just having show him the cats, and if he whines or gets excited we close the door on him until he calms down again, then open the door again so he can see them. We've also noticed that he only really follows commands such as sit/down if there is food involved and wouldn't normally if there isn't something he wants in return.

What're some good ways to get him desensitized to my cats? I was thinking of having him stay in a crate while my cats chill in the same room or something.

Both of my cats immediately have the flight in fight or flight, so they run whenever he gets up suddenly or gets too excited over them. One of the cats are still genuinely curious about him as he approaches his kennel/the room that he's in but is too scared to come up too close if he gets up too quickly and what not. He's chased them twice now (on accident) and so they're more prone to run away than anything. Kodas very calm otherwise and likes to just lay near our feet; he's about 4-6 years old. We're thinking of just getting a local trainer in too if we couldn't figure it out at home.

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