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Originally Posted by Sabis mom View Post
I thought it was standard practice for the puppy raiser to be given first option if the dog washed out. Am I wrong?
It differs organization to organization. Because these dogs are bred for service, I believe working homes should get priority. Between all the schools - thousands of dogs don’t make it as guides... I feel it’s only responsible to seek out other lines of work, after all, there’s no shortage of adoptable pet dogs in the world. Our policy for career changes and retired guides is as follows:

Career changed:
- evaluated for our (in house) k9 buddy or ambassador program which provides dogs to blind youth or adopted by staff for demos & speaking engagements. (free / free)
- evaluated and offered to other (partnered) service dog organizations (free).
- offered to puppy raisers (free).
- “raiser to place”, raisers may place with approved close friends or family members (free).
- available for adoption to staff (free) / general public (suggested donation).

Retired guides:
(worked less than a year)
- same process as above
(worked over a year)
- offered to the graduate to keep or place.
- offered to raiser.
- available for adoption to staff or public.

Retired breeders:
(under the age of 3)
- evaluated to enter training
- offered to breeder custodian
- offered to puppy raiser
- available for adoption to staff or public
(over 3)
- offered to breeder custodian
- offered to puppy raiser
- available for adoption to staff or public

There are many reasons that a grad / raiser / or custodian may not be able to take a dog back despite being given first choice....For graduates it’s typically housing since the retired guide would be considered a pet, or, double the care if they live alone. For raisers it’s usually that they may already have a pet dogs or previous career changes and taking another would be too many dogs or may prevent them from being able to raise more puppies, etc. in my 7yrs of experience, breeder custodians almost always keep their dogs.

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