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Hi im hoping theres a doctor here orbsomeone with a similar problem. I want a second opinion on my 4.5 month old german shepherd. I got him when he was 8 weeks old (now 20) he was never an active puppy, slept a lot, didnt like running etc. He started avoiding going out and getting up a couple weeks ago. If something he wants is behinf him he will rotate with his front paws not moving the back ones. He will constantly lay down outside in the middle of a walk. He is on the heavy side, 20 weeks old and 57 pounds but surprisingly the vet said his height and overall size is also bigger than whats normal for his age ao that the weight is okay for his size. He got xrays done to check for hip dysplasia ive attaches his xrays, the vet pointed out the left femur head is smaller than the right and this is what is causing the pain, she also said he was born with this and it wont get better as he grows, hes on rimadyl 100mg and artroflex hip joint vitamins. The next step is to get xrays in december and decide if he needs a FHO wich is the removal of the femur head.
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