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I'm so happy for Lil! (Lille?) I hope her tum-tum gets sorted out by the vet.

She's probably had tummy issues for a good long time. The shelters tend to feed Science Diet, Pedigree, or a Purina food...depending on which one is doing a corporate sponsorship...and some of them can only feed once a day, barely even enough to maintain weight. Who knows what she ate before the shelter --Ol' Roy wouldn't surprise me -- it's a poor area she came from. I've come across a lot of dogs fed this one too because it's even cheaper --it gives you a snapshot of what life may have been like: in parasites, protozoa, and other beasties that these dogs tend to be loaded with....and they just need a lot of GI care for a while. Her tummy has likely been trashed for a LONG time. My rescue friends and I do a happy dance whenever a new dog produces its first formed poo -- it's the first health milestone!

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