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Glacier Peak has fantastic products and I've recommend them many times.

People on here have used and had success with Kocchi Free when vet products did not kill off the Giardia/Coccidia.

I like the Inflopotion and Herbal Aspirin for my older girl.

Personally, I like to work on one thing at a time, so I'd use the Immune first. But GP are great to deal and if you send an email to them describing your dog, they can assess the situation for you.

These products can be mixed with what ever food you are feeding. For those who feed kibble, moisten food first.

*Recommended usage:
Peak Immune is given once a day for 10 consecutive days every three months.
For compromised immune systems, Peak Immune can be given for another ten days after a ten-day break (ie: 10 days on/10 days off/10 days on)

*Recommended Dosage Instructions:
One full squeeze of dropper (it will only fill approximately half way) per 25 lbs. once per day for 10 days. For animals under 25 lbs., give one drop per pound of body weight.

Daily Defense: This is a product that you would give daily. But be sure to "pulse" one day per week (6 days on....1 day off). Start out with small amount and work up to recommended dose over a few week period if your dog is fussy.

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