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Just venting, but where do they find these people?

I volunteer at a no-kill shelter; thus, co-workers and acquaintances want to come to me when they want to get rid of their pet. They seem to think I will be sympathetic, tell them what to do, and maybe give their pet a bit higher status (?) Anyway, I am hearing more and more that the cat or dog has a housebreaking problem/won't use the litter box and their husband says the animal HAS to go. So I'm thinking WHERE DO THEY FIND THESE PEOPLE TO MARRY? My husband and I certainly aren't saints, but he would never insist that I get rid of those I love so much, nor would I ask him. His lab is 13 years old and he has an occasional accident in the house. We clean up after him and try to think of solutions, but I would give up every household item I have before I would suggest that he "get rid" of Loki prematurely. Aside from that, LOL, husband knows he would be outta there far sooner than the animals if he ever did insist on something like that and I know the same! OK, I've said my piece and now I feel a little better.
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