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Carmen, I actually agree with 80-90% of what you said. So don't feel like you need to tread lightly It's far too easy to be kennel blind, and I feel to use my dogs appropriately I need to stay as unbiased as possible. Unless we are talking about Kimber in which case she's perfect bwahaha.

The banshee scream as I call it, he's always done. So at this point, it's not something I look to for too much insight. I actually wasn't working him, my brother in-law who he'd never met was wearing the suit. I was just going to pick up the suit jacket for him and decided to screw with the dog. I can't post the rest of that video because my brother doesn't want it public.

For reference to the bark, here is the same dog at 4 months old and his first time ever being worked. He had been a dog where 80% of his work has been control. Not devolpment or drive building. Saying he's like a lot of LE dogs would be accurate too. Multiple agencies have tried to buy him.
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