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Originally Posted by carmspack View Post
difficult to express to someone something which experience , good comparisons and good mentors can teach you -- the nuances and the feeling a dog out

I hear frustrated prey reaction .

Can this dog do the job ? Oh , I would say so . He has the intensity .
Being reactive aggression is not saying that the dog lacks courage .

The "fire-up" might be quicker to ignite . Ultimately the threshold may have a lower ceiling ,
but not one that handi-caps the dog from getting the job done.

there may be issues with being over wrought , too easily stimulated, not being clear and not coming down and returning to a base of stable and discerning.

physically the dog might have stress reactions which will create inflammation, adrenal exhaustion, digestive impacts -- more wear and tear in general.

and speaking of general I am not targeting this dog - but the reactive aggressive dog in general.
All I am saying is that he reminds me of those dogs. I can't make a determination based on a short video, it would be irresponsible to do so without actually knowing the dog.

I grew up around K9s and had some excellent mentors from the field, thus just going off this video and my own personal experience.

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